Wickedness Overthrows

Proverbs 13:6- Righteousness (rightness and justice in every area and relation) guards him who is upright in the way, but wickedness plunges into sin and overthrows the sinner. (AMPC)


To overthrow means to replace and wickedness in this context simply means to be unreasonably unfair, injustice towards another because you are in a position to exercise such powers. The bible says that we should not deceive ourselves because whatsoever we soul is what we will reap. In the same verse we were told that life is spiritual which means that only a fool will live in this life addressing everything only from a physical perspective.

The same way that there are physical laws in the world guiding the activities here, there are also spiritual laws that are guiding every activity in the spiritual realm. However, the difference is that the activities of the spirits controls and can override the physical laws in the physical realm.

One of such spiritual laws is the law of wickedness and from our theme text we see the provisions of that law expressly stated. It says wickedness will overthrow; meaning replace. So your wickedness will cause your replacement. This will not usually mean you are replaced and place somewhere else. It means to overthrow meaning you are replaced and kicked out like in the military regime where those that are overthrown are either killed or put in prison.

Be wise, wickedness is a sin and the bible says the soul that sinneth shall die. Here it was talking about spiritual death, death to Christ and it is in Christ we live and have our being. So you see why it will be easy for you to be overthrown.

So don’t use your position or office or privileges to be mean and wicked to others or to get back at others or to perpetrate injustice against another. You will only be doing yourself a great harm.

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