Does Your Compassion For Souls Move You To Tears?

Acts 20:31- Watch out! Remember the three years I was with you—my constant watch and care over you night and day, and my many tears for you.


This question is particular to leaders in the body of Christ and in the Church of Jesus who has souls that has been given to them to lead in any shape or form. This is a great responsibility and one you must not take likely. The point here is not necessarily about the tears but about the compassion that can move you to tears. You might say not everybody express compassion by sharing tears and that might be true but the type of compassion I am talking about is the type that breaks even the toughest person and bring them to tears unwillingly.

Apostle Paul recorded how he watched and cared day and night and shared many tears for his flocks at Ephesus.  I don’t thinks these were tears shared because they had lost a love one or a family member or was it tears of Joy. I believe from the context of the text he was talking about tears of passion most likely in his prayer room why ensuring their salvation and growth in the word of God. He said they were many.

Accounts like this were given to us so that we know the type and kind of man he was and the reasons behind why he was a success in his ministry. Do you want to bear children like Paul? Do you want to plant churches and win souls around the world to cause havoc in the kingdom of darkness like Paul, then it is worth looking at how he achieved it.

The ball is now in our court.

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